Campaign Monitor Questions - Pre-sales?

Hi everyone,

I work for a Media Firm that sends several emails monthly to subscribers of their different websites. Up until recently I have been managing this for them by building the emails in HTML (old school html) and ensuring it works in Gmail / Yahoo! / Hotmail etc.. by sending test emails before we send out to the entire list.

We have a couple of large lists (in excess of 20,000 subscribers).

I have also been manually tagging (painful I know) all links in emails using Google Analytics so I can report back on the activity it generates.

I see huge benefits to using Campaign Monitor and I've pushed for it to be used around here.

I've actually taken up another job offer with another company and need to hand off the Email Marketing side of things to some people here who are not very IT literate. I have various templates I've created for each of the companies websites and tested extensively for cross-client compatibility.

However, design changes and customisation of each newsletter will more than likely be needed.

I am thinking to suggest that they mockup their emails in Photoshop / ImageReady CS3 etc.. and then slice the email and these programs to output in old HTML markup. (i've done this before - myself), but I can see several issues with this already. Mainly when you slice the email text and links in the email come out as images.

I guess my dilemna is that even though Campaign Monitor is great it seems like some knowledge of email marketing and its limitations is required. Does campaign monitor convert modern html into email friendly html when importing? or does it require some knowledge in this area?

If images are used in the email, are these hosted by us or can we place them on the campaign monitor servers? How do we reference the images, like how do we know what path to use and how would I instruct those with less knowledge in this area?

Is this a bad idea? Should I suggest hiring someone with HTML email knowledge and email marketing experience?

Any help / suggestions in this area would be appreciated.


Stig Stig, 9 years ago

Hi Gavin!

Ideally, they should absolutely hire someone who not only has HTML email knowledge, but who is also skilled in the other aspects of email marketing.

However, if the current employees end up with the responsibility for the email marketing, you might want to look at Freshview's other email marketing software - MailBuild. It has it's limitations, but it eliminates the need for HTML knowledge, once the templates are setup.

Outsourcing parts of the job might be an option? There's plenty of great freelancers and agencies out there.


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gav240z, 9 years ago

Hi Stig,
I thought that may be the case. I think I spoiled them with my online marketing skillset :). Unfortunately I will be unable to assist them when I start my employment at my new employer and finding someone else to fill my place is a bit of a challenge.

I will checkout Mailbuild and see how it stacks up.


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