Is this suitable for email invitations?

i am starting a forum message board and really want to keep track of who i'm inviting and if they open up the email, read it, etc.

this is based on my personal address book, so is this "legal" to use for campaign monitor?

i just want to know as this is just to get some traffic to my new site and the list is basically my personal friends.

anyone ever do this?


Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

Good question CampaignBob. Our permission policies ( ) mean that you need to have people's explicit permission to email them.

So normally we would not allow sending to an entire address book, because inevitably there will be people in there who are not expecting, and would not want such an email.

If it is only a smaller number of close friends who are expecting the email, that would be ok.

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travisbell travisbell, 8 years ago

To add to Mat's comment, we had a user a little while ago who sent their wedding invite's out through Campaign Monitor which was ok. It was actually a pretty innovative way of using CM.

Put it this way, if someone they sent an invite to marked the email as spam, we should probably assume they didn't want to go ;-)

Travis Bell
rivergirl43, 8 years ago

From other posts I've read in your forum, there are people who are using your service to send email invitations. If the mailing list of those invited consists of close personal and business contacts (about 400 addresses toal), i.e., all people who would not be surprised to see an email invite to a business event... would you still not allow this type of list to be used? Is your service primarily for newsletters then?

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

Our permission policies ( ) basically mean you do need to have explicit permission to contact people.

So if you had spoken to these people and they were aware you would be adding them to an email list, and were ok with that, it's fine.

However, just having had contact with someone is not the same as having permission. That's why we have an approval process to dig into this when necessary.

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