Feature request (reporting)

Two reports requests:

1. The "compare multiple campaigns" chart is a good idea, but badly implemented... this should be a bar chart, not a line chart! The lines make it look like there's a trend among campaigns, when in fact the only connection is probably that campaigns that have been active longer have more opens. I showed this chart to my client and she was totally confused by the lines. Separate bars would help reinforce the concept that this is the performance of separate campaigns.

2. It would be nice to be able to generate "time-of-day" reports summed over more than one day. That is, for each hour or quarter-hour, but over the entire length of the campaign (so the 8:00 bar would count everyone who opened it at 8:00, whether it was on the first day of the campaign or the sixth).

Thanks for listening! Comments, anyone?

Wade, 8 years ago

I will second feature request one. A line graph really is a poor choice when doing a comparative analysis of separate campaigns when there is no trend. A bar graph makes much more sense for the information that is being conveyed in the reports.

Dave Dave, 8 years ago

Thanks for the feedback guys, we'll look at some better options to present the compare campaign reports. Some really nice insights and very much appreciated.

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