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I've done a flash site but want to collect subscribers to my newsletter in campaign monitor. Anyone knows how to set it up in flash. Hope to hear from someone.

Kind regards

Dave Dave, 9 years ago

Hi Wurtz,

No problem, we've got a sample flash kit for our API that you can download and adapt to your own site design.

You can download the sample here.

wurtz, 9 years ago

Hi Dave, Thanks a lot. I'm trying at the moment. Just a few questions.

I have to put in some data right?

I don't knoe if it right with my apiID and listId

function addSubscriberCM(){
    //add your Campaign Monitor ApiID
    var myApiId = "cm-99731-99731";
    //add your Campaign Monitor List ID
    var myListId = "l99731-99731";

can you help ;-) Thanks again!

Jason Jason, 9 years ago

Hi Wurtz,

Unfortunately, we don't have an in house Flash expert to get in to the details of the script with you, however, from the snippet you've posted above, I can see you're getting mixed up with the values you need to assign the API and ListID values.

The apiID can be found in the My Account section of your Campaign Monitor account, and the ListID can be found by heading to the Manage Subscriber List page for the list you are trying to add to, and look in the List Details box in the upper left section of this page.

If you continue to experience problems, feel free to get in touch via the support page, and we'll do our best to get you sorted there.

ferrall, 9 years ago

I was able to use the sample code to enable successful sign-up to a specific subscriber list, but had trouble getting it to show a result, e.g. a confirmation page, or some other visual clue to the user.

This probably had more to do with me trying to figure out how to incorporate the code into a flash site that I inherited, rather than built myself, and not having quite enough AS knowledge. However, it can be made to work!

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