Subscribing via web form (posting to 2 different locations)


I have a form, this form will go to a 2 different locations, one will go to cm and another will go to a php file to send to user/website admin to notify that there's a new subscriber. The problem i have is how to post this into 2 different locations? Before this I have successfully post it into two different locations (to CM using GET method, but it's apparently not supporting anymore now). And now i'm using XMLHttpRequest to post to CM using post method but still it's not working, it says : "uncaught exveption : permission denied to call method".

What am i supposed to do to get this thing properly done?

Please help, thanks

travisbell travisbell, 8 years ago

Hey andyw,

Have you taken a look at this post? Step 2 specifically...

It outlines a way to post to db using a header request. It should allow you to do what you're looking for.

Travis Bell
andyw, 8 years ago

hi travis, thanks for responding..yes i have done that before it was working until when i have to capture some custom fields. Using that way cm only captures name and doesnt capture custom fields.

any ideas?


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