Moving subscribers between clients

I've screwed up. I am using CM for my own purposes not for a client, but have created 2 different clients for two different segments of my business. But usually I want to send them the same thing. At the moment I have to create the campaign all over again

What I SHOULD have done is imported them all to one "client" subscriber list and created different segments. But as it stands I have two different subscribers lists and I want to take one and make it a separate segment in the other.

Other than exporting it to excel and reimporting it, is there an easy way to do this?

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

There isn't another way I'm afraid, but exporting and importing should only take you a couple of minutes - make sure you have a custom field or some way of identifying the different types of subscribers, and you'll be set.

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boltyboy, 8 years ago

OK, So lets say I export one list, add a custom field and reimport to the other one--I can then set them up as a segment.

But what about the ones already in the list I'm adding to. How do I give them a custom field. Can I add one to the entire list?

travisbell travisbell, 8 years ago

Yup. If you export that list, add a new column (for the new custom field) when you re-import that list, Campaign Monitor is smart enough to just insert the new custom field for all the records. It will otherwise, look at the rest of the columns as duplicates and be ignored. Nice and easy right? ;)

Travis Bell
Dave Dave, 8 years ago

Boltyboy, there's one other option you can try that's much easier. Just head into that list, click on the blue "Edit List" button and then change the client for that list to the one you'd prefer it to be under. Done!

Then, just select both lists as recipients when sending the campaign and we'll remove duplicates for you automatically.

boltyboy, 8 years ago

Dave--thanks. I actually already did the import. I identified the original group by the date of the first import, so now I have all my emails segmented in (actually 3) groups, and now know how to add more.

My question is that about 100 were dupes (e.g. had been in both lists). I think from looking at a couple that the new import (with the added custom column) overwrote the old record, which actually i think had more data (e.g. title, organization) in it. Is that how it works? And if so is there any way of preventing that?

This isn't a huge deal, but would be nice to know how CM deals with dupes, as it doesnt seem to do a "merge"

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