strange bug in referencing remote images

This is in a mailbuild template.

If I put a full url in for an image then it'll be carried through to the mailout so it's referenced directly off my server when the recipient opens it, which is great. I can then add a field like [fullname] into the query string and it still works, but then if I add <$currentday$> or any other of those tags then MB tries to pull the image down to host it itself, which is breaking things!

travisbell travisbell, 8 years ago

Hey tshannon0,

MailBuild requires you upload your images in your .zip for the template. The only time it won't is when you use the mb_dontimportimage tag. Are you using the mb_dontimportimage tag?

Lastly, are these images in your template, or images you're attempting to insert/use from the WYSIWYG editor?

Travis Bell
tshannon0 tshannon0, 8 years ago

thanks Travis, it looks like that should sort it.

The reason I reported it as a bug was that there's a strange difference in behaviour, when I use a full url with a tag like [fullname] in it, it doesn't import the image anyway. It's just adding the date tags that cause it to try and import. (The images are in the template, not user content)

Thanks for your help.

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