Add Campaign Monitor Signup form to a Joomla site

We would like to add a Campaign Monitor signup form to a new Joomla Site.

Could someone offer suggestions as to how to accomplish this?



travisbell travisbell, 8 years ago

Hey Marje,

There is no "official" plugin for Joomla but adding a subscribe form is as easy as it is for any other website. If you login to your account, click the "Manage Subscribers" tab and then the list you'd like to have a subscribe form for. From here, click the "Create a Subscribe Form" link and copy the provided code on to your website. For Joomla, you'd probably want to put that code in your template so it appears on every page (assuming that's what you're after).


Travis Bell
BYGino, 8 years ago

Being a big Joomla fan myself. You can easily drop the code into a custom module by going to extension>>module manager, select new then Custom HTML. This means you can place the module anywhere you like, choose the page(s) it resides on and more without having to modify your template.

Jellyfish458 Jellyfish458, 8 years ago

Are there any issues with Joomla 1.5.8?

I've tried adding a custom HTML module, inserting the (basic) HTML but all I get is the Labels on no fields.

Any Ideas?



steveguberman steveguberman, 8 years ago

We actually took it one step further and built a server side script in Rails that pushes out all Community Builder content to a MailBuild subscriber list. It does it based on a Cron job that works quite well. Then our client can use our Mailbuild account for sending and maintain their list of people in Community Builder in Joomla.    Print • Web • New media
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filamentpop, 8 years ago
Jellyfish458 :

Are there any issues with Joomla 1.5.8?

I've tried adding a custom HTML module, inserting the (basic) HTML but all I get is the Labels on no fields.

Any Ideas?



Hey Jon,

Did you get it figured out? Joomla 1.5.8 editor strips out certain tags to keep spammers from hitting the site. Here is an article to fix it though. It's easy fix.

Jellyfish458 Jellyfish458, 7 years ago

I've tried making the changes highlighted on the link, but I get the same result.

I paste the code as HTML into a joomla article and all I get is

<div> Username:<br /><br /> Password:<br /><br />  </div>  Left

What am I doing wrong?



vince, 7 years ago

When adding any scripting, I always turn off the WYSIWYG editor - give it a go.
Otherwise, have you tried the ready-made module here:

Jellyfish458 Jellyfish458, 7 years ago

Work around = set "no editor" in global config, add code, save and then set it back to editor

All works!!

Many Thanks


wesentit, 7 years ago

if you havent solve this issue there is a easy way to do it, and works with any  joomla version by installing a Custom Code Module that you can find here:

I personally used Jumi Module works perfect, just copy and paste the code and publish any where on your site and that set

you can see it working on my site;

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Just an update to this forum: If you're after Joomla integration with Campaign Monitor, we have a couple of useful integrations here -


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