Fear of the blacklist

I am sending out email campaigns for my clients and am wondering how others deal with the issue of clients being potentially blacklisted. Would it be a good idea to create a new domain name for the purposes of their email campaigns? Something familiar and legitimate, but separate from the main domain? I've never SPAMmed to "subscribers" that I don't know, but found out that I was listed on a blacklist recently.

I worry that one of my clients is going to be placed on a blacklist as a result of an email campaign and then hold me responsible.

Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

Well the first thing to do is make every effort that the list is good, and that the emails are very clear about permission - that will prevent almost all problems.

You may still get complaints, but if you can show permission and relevance you will be ok. Some very large companies do use different domains for their email, but they are sending such large volumes that the risks are higher for them.

For most clients it would not be worthwhile.

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