remote subscriber managerment and sending campaigns/mails with api

hello, im a bit stuck with the API at the moment, i am having trouble figuring out how it works. i am using the php5 samples and have set up an account, a client and a list or two.

i want to know if it is possible to diplay your lists and campaigns ans stuff like that on your own website/app using the API? and how would i do that.

i am quite skilled in PHP development but the documentation and samples are a little thin.

another thing is: is it possible to use the API to send newsletters/campaigns to a list(s) using data from another website autmatically, such as reading the articles from the database and then automatically adding them to the template and sending it at a specified date/time.

please could u let me know if this is possible as it is quite urgent that i get this to work, i need it for a client website.


~ theamoeba

Phil Phil, 9 years ago


Thanks for the questions. Firstly, a list of all the available CampaignMonitor API functions can be found here, and the MailBuild API description right here.

On those main pages you'll find links to php sample code. In addition to that each function has an information page including a description of the function, some sample request and response packets, and descriptions of the possible error codes.

To answer the first question, you can use the API to display a limited amount of information regarding lists (and campaigns if you're using CampaignMonitor).

The wording of your second question does make me wonder. You referred to "adding [articles] to the template". Are you talking about MailBuild or CampaignMonitor? In case you are talking about MailBuild, its API is limited to subscriber management, without any functions for campaigns.

Campaign Monitor's API would, among other things, allow you to:
(a) Add subscribers to an existing list
(b) Create a campaign based on a URL that you supply
(c) Associate your CM subscriber lists with that campaign
(d) Send that campaign at the time you require

If you have specific problems implementing any of these functions, look around the forum to see if other people have offered a solution, or drop us a support question and we'll be happy to help you out.

All the best,

theamoeba, 9 years ago

hi phil, thanks for the response. i am refering to the campaign monitor api, sorry i forgot to specify.

what i need to do, this is the main thing, i need to be able to populate the newsletter with content from my clients website database without anyone having to login to the campaign monitor CP and manually entering the data into the template. i dont know if this is possible with the api, if it isnt what would u say that i should do?.

regards, J

~ theamoeba
Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

The API just accepts a complete HTML page - so if you can construct that on your side from various content sources, and pipe it through to the Campaign Monitor API you can send it.

However you can't send disparate sources to the API and use it to add them together. Is that clearer?

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