Link Rollovers & Color (or good fallback) in GMail?

Hi, I use pseudo-selectors (a:hover, a:link, a:visited) in my HTML emails to get the links to look proper on their respective background colors. The styles are set in <style /> tags that are within the <body> of the document. Everything else is styled using inline styles.

- Anyone know of a way to get link rollovers (pseudo-selectors) to work in GMail? I know it's probably stripping out the whole style tag info.

- If there is no way, what would be a good fallback to at least have the links be the proper color without disabling the rollover effect for all other clients that uderstand it?

The lovely blue links are just not working for me on a dark colored background. They look fine in all other clients.


Diana Diana, 8 years ago

Hi Jethro,

pseudo-selectors like that aren't possible in Gmail I'm afraid. Gmail will strip out all styles that aren't inline, which pseudo-selectors can't be. So if you want to modify the default link colors you'll need to add inline styles to your links so that they're supported in Gmail.

D. Potter
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