Problem with Campaign.Create

Hi I am having trouble with the Campaign.Create API function. I am currently using the Subscribers.GetActive and the Client.GetLists functions and they are working perfectly on the PHP sample class code.

BTW: I had to add extra variables for the API Key and Client Key, the code is not picking up the protected variables at the top of the code. I dont know what the reason for this is. Maybe someone can explain this to me and tell me if I am doing something wrong.

So, back to the original issue, I am filling out all of the variables with the correct information (as i understand it from the documentation that i have read) and it gives me an error or many. Also it does not "just work" like the rest of the functions do. is there a reason for this or is there maybe a little bug in the code that has not really been seen?

also would u be able to, perhaps write some more detailed documentation, and at least one code example (in any language - the underlying concept should be the same) would be very useful.

please could u get back to me really soon - this is a fairly urgent issue and i have to get it dealt with.

BTW: does Campaign Monitor have and IRC channel? This would be a very useful thing as well.

thanks, J

Ben Ben, 9 years ago

Sorry for the slow reply J. It's hard for us to figure out the problem is without knowing a little more information. What language are you using? Can you post the code that's giving an error?

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