Email authentication

Hi all,

Ok, I am new to email authentication and have decided I should start doing it, especially now I am sending out to larger subscriber lists!

Does anyone know of a rough % of successful to unsuccessful campaigns when authenticating or not authenticating a campaign?

I contacted my domain host as there is not that ability on their Domain Control Panel to add to your DNS record and this was there response -

" If this requires an SPF record to be added for the domain name, we can do this for you, however you will need to specify exactly what you require. Please understand that we will not try and interpret this ourselves: you must provide clear instructions re what you require. "

So, I am assuming all I would need to do is use the CM online Generate DNS records and provide them with both the domainkeys ID and sender ID and advise them to add these to the DNS?
Is there any other info I would need to provide to them.



Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

You should not have to give them any other details than the key and the value provided in your account - you can have a look at to see how it works in other systems.

We don't have a figure as far as the improvement in deliverability authentication makes; as you can imagine it is very hard to know if we don't get any information back (as opposed to a clear bounce message). However, there is a move by larger email services to require authentication, so it is worth getting it sorted out now.

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