"Authenticated sending domains" and Gmail

Recently Gmail started marking all email sent from my domains (including those sent from my desktop Mail.app) as spam. All mail I send is solicited and legitimate--I don't even use auto-responders when I'm away for long periods of time. The only recent change I've made involving email (that I can think of) was to authenticate sending domains for Campaign Monitor--and I haven't even sent the campaign that was set-up for yet.

Is there any chance I could have misconfigured this in a way that would cause Gmail or other email providers to blacklist my domains (which are all hosted on a single server, including the mail server)?

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

Hey Shaun,

The way DomainKey authentication is setup through Campaign Monitor is specifically formatted  to indicate that not all email sent using that domain will be signed, so any unsigned email you send will not be penalized.

So it should not make any difference at all to your other email sending. You could try removing the records temporarily just in case, but is is extremely unlikely to be the issue, and we have certainly not seen this reported elsewhere.

If you want to contact support directly we can check out your records to make sure they look right at least.

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shauninman, 8 years ago

Thanks Mathew. I figured that was the case (as a search didn't turn up similar questions) but I figured I'd ask just in case. I've contacted support (and just noticed I misspelled your name, sorry about that).

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