Payment and importing problems with Campaign Monitor

Right now, a number of customers are seeing error messages when trying to import their campaigns or lists, and also when attempting to pay for their campaigns.

The Campaign Monitor team is aware of the problems, and we are working hard to find out what has happened and get it fixed up as soon as possible.

Once we have any details about this, we will post in this thread. We are very sorry for the trouble, and appreciate your patience as we work on the issue.

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

We're still working hard on this and hope to have it resolved soon. At this point, we don't have confirmation on the exact cause, but we are making progress.

The issues are not in all areas of the application, but are affecting key importing and payment portions. Again, we apologise for the service problems.

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Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

Final update:

We are now fully back online, and you will be able to pay for and send campaigns, import lists and access your account completely.

The team has been working for several hours to find out what happened, and then fix it. At this stage it has been tracked down to a patch applied to our application servers which triggered a number of problems. We will be following this up in more detail to work out why this happened, and how we can prevent it from happening again.

Again, we apologise sincerely for causing any trouble for you or your clients. I know how much some of you guys depend on Campaign Monitor and MailBuild as a part of your business, and we all hate to let you down.

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