Question regarding dynamic content for CM

I'm working on a custom newsletter application for a client using CM to do the grunt work (sending, tracking, etc).

The client has a CMS-based site containing an agenda. The application will allow the administrator to automatically populate the newsletter with agenda items within a certain period, and schedule the newsletter to be sent at a certain time.

We'll be using the CM API to interface between our application and CM.

We will use Campaign.Create to create the campaign and provide URLs for both the HTML and plain text versions of the newsletter. At these URL's the newsletters will be generated dynamically based on the current content in the CMS.

My question is:
When will CM pull the newsletter content from these URLs?
1. At the time that we create the campaign using Campaign.Create
2. Just before the campaign is actually sent

I would of course like it to be (2) so that any changes the website administrator might make to any agenda items between the time the Campaign is created and sent are reflected in the newsletter as well.

productorials, 9 years ago

CM ingests your HTML file when the campaign is created, not when it's sent. Therefore, you have to use a campaign.create call every time you want to send an updated email.


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