Get my campaign button not working - Invalid web address entered


For some reason campaign monitor isn't letting me upload any new or old emails when I press 'get my campaign'.

It says 'Invalid web address entered' but I know the address is valid as I'm copying and pasting the address in. I've also checked the address is valid on 3 different workstations.

Additionally the old emails worked previously so it's not a case of invalid HTML either.

Has anyone got any suggestions?



Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

Hi Fletch,

A couple of possibilities:
* Your website has had a recent DNS update, and our server can't find it yet
* Your server has hotlinking protection turned on, which stops our system from grabbing files, because it is not a browser.

Your options are to either turn off hotlinking, if applicable, or upload your campaign from a file.

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