Getting custom fields to display on a form

I've created a module for Drupal for Campaign Monitor and I'd really like to add support for custom fields. It would be great if I could actually get the information automatically from CM's API so when they setup their Drupal site to allow users to register for a particular list, I can automatically display the custom fields in that form. Is this possible? If it isn't, can I get it added to the list for possible updates in the future? :)


Ken Ken, 8 years ago

Hi Stephanie,

I'm afraid there is no way to retrieve what custom fields a list has via the API. I'll certainly add it to our list of feature requests for you.
SniperSystems SniperSystems, 8 years ago

wow I would have expected this be pretty standard with the api. Chalk me down as another one who needs this functionality.

Two questions for you:

If we have a bit of custom functionality that we require, is there any way of getting this done, or bumped up in the development queue? I fully expect there to be additional costs associated, but i really just wanted to know if this is a posiblility

Secondly, have you got a firm list of feature requests somewhere? It would be quite useful to see what other people are requesting so that things dont get asked more than once, also if timelines are against them that would be great too. I guess my main concern is that there are a number of features in CM that arent in MB and there doesnt seem to be much in the way of progress in migrating them over (I however fully understand  thats its not just as simple as copying them over)

Great software btw

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

Hey Paul,

We don't actually release a roadmap of future features at Campaign Monitor, as we prefer to remain flexible and responsive. As a small team, we don't want to commit to something and not deliver. We have a huge list of requests, but that;s not to say they will get done (even the most popular ones).

What we do promise is to listen to all requests, and the more popular ones do hold more weight. As for getting Campaign Monitor features into MailBuild, if you keep an eye on the blog over the next couple of months, you'll see some big changes!

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We're also on Facebook:
trexart, 8 years ago

Okay, thanks for adding my request to the list.

I do think it would be a very helpful feature because then the custom fields only have to be set-up in one place, and anyone taking advantage of the API can just get that list of fields and display them on a form.


vinceyoumans, 8 years ago

I wanted to add my vote for the Stephanies request to get custom fields from the CM API in DRUPAL. That would be a nice feature.

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