How does CM deal with group email addresses?

What I mean by this is as follows:

One of my clients belongs to a networking group.
He knows the members personally and they have opted in to receive the e-newsletter.
They have a group email address, such as  This address then distributes the email onwards to all group members...obviously that happens on their server not at the CM end of things.

My question is what would happen if a recipient (eg. clicks unsubscribe? 
Would group@ be unsubscribed or would CM simply not recognise that johnsmith@ was trying to unsubscribe as there is no record of him on the CM list?


Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

Hi Julian,

Any person who clicked the unsubscribe link in the email would unsubscribe the group email address from your list. The unsubscribe link itself contains the information about which address the email was sent to.

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Caleb Custer, 8 years ago


So does this mean that people who manually forward a message to their friend would be unsubscribed if their friend clicks the unsubscribe link? I've noticed that subscribers with unusually high open numbers (subscribers who open a message 150 times and click on the same links over and over) who probably manually forwarded the message seem to get unsubscribed.

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

Yes, if they use their email clients forward, and send it to someone who then clicks unsubscribe, it would remove the original person (since we have no way to know it was someone else)

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quena, 8 years ago


That's why some email list management systems prompt unsubscribing users with additional information, like:

Thanks, Mathew! Your email address,, has been
unsubscribed. (If you're not Matthew, <resubscribe>click here

The resubscribe page could then list the reasons that they got the email (forwarded from a friend, mispelled email address, etc.).

This can be done using the API, but it would be really, really nice if CM did it for us with the default unsubscribe page.

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