Newbie requires c# help!

Hi All,

I'm relativley new to learning and need to tie in a MailBuild form with custom fields. Unfortuneatly, the support at MailBuild don't have any code samples to help me get going with the SOAP implementation. Can anyone here provide a very simple working example of making and recieving the SOAP payload to the MailBuild API?

Any help is much appreciated & thanks in advance.

Jason Jason, 9 years ago


If you grab the C#.NET sample from this site, you'll be well on your way to hooking it up for MailBuild. Once you've added the web reference to your project, the rest of the code works in much the same manner.

If you get stuck again, get in touch with support, and we'll be able to help you from there.

suburbanboy, 9 years ago

Hi Jason,

Thanks for the tip - I'd actually worked this out yesterday and am on my way to getting this working but having problems with adding custom fields.

I'm using the Subscriber.AddWithCustomFields function but it doesn't seem to work consistently. My array seems to be collecting all the data but this isn't being picked up MailBuild when making the call. Are there any common mistakes or things I should be looking out for?

drudoran, 9 years ago


Was this issue ever resolved? I have the same problem sending custom fields via GET method. The name and emails get added to the user data, but the custom fields don't.

I'd appreciate any feedback on this.



Phil Phil, 8 years ago

Hi Andy,

I think yours might be a different problem. You can't send custom fields via a query string. Note that there is no GET example in the Subscriber.AddWithCustomFields example:

For custom fields you'll need to do the full soap call, or use a form.

If you still need assistance, try emailing us at support:

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