Any better results than the search engines?

Hi everyone, I have been using the search engines for a long time now like goggle, yahoo and all sorts of other ones and they do have good results. What are the places rather than this that have a collection of good sites and are used by you all??

Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

It would really depend what you are looking for! There are specialist search engines that only deal with certain topics, for example.

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Russell, 9 years ago

I think that what you are talking is probably a reference site, if I am not wrong. There are many such online sites that refer you to the best resources available for the selected category and are used widely. I have visited many of such sites and they are good to save ones time to hunt for their required search. Currently, I had been on Firstport and it was well structured in an efficient manner to provide transparency between different categories.

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