Automatic email to people who are having a birthday

Is it possible to send out an on the day to  people who are having a birthday without any intervention from the client?

Upon signing up to the list, we capture their birthdate. On the day of their birthday, they receive an automated email saying Happy Birthday. Can Campaign Monitor do this?

Mathew Mathew, 10 years ago


That kind of trigger based email is not something you can currently do with Campaign Monitor. However, I'll add your vote for that to our list here, and we might consider adding it in the future.

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sinuous, 10 years ago

Yea please add my vote for automatic birthday triggers also.

Mathew Mathew, 10 years ago


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Add me to that vote list!  Any idea if this will get added?  I specifically want to be able to have subscribers identify their birthdate on signup and then have a prepared "birthday email" auto-sent according to that date.  Just my 2 cents...

- Stuffington Bear Factory

karlito karlito, 9 years ago

How about adding triggered and follow up campaigns for ANY reason! Put all our votes in that one (and keep up the good work!)
dujnoyl, 9 years ago

YES! Autoresponders would put CM/MB over the top.

Birthdays would be a nice touch, but triggered campaigns/follow-ups would be awesome.

vince, 9 years ago

Triggered follow-ups/autoresponders are a very important feature I'd love to see in both CM and MM

trif3cta, 9 years ago

I just had a client who works in the medical field request this feature for annual appointment reminders.

This would be a great feature.

quena, 9 years ago

Add my vote for scheduled followup.

Although, since a segment can be created according to sign-up date, it seems that a nearly infinite number of "generations" of subscribers (e.g., by week they signed up) could be tracked and contacted.

weejames, 9 years ago

Trigger based emails would be great for me too.

jessekanclerz, 8 years ago

I'm throwing in a vote for automated follow ups. Keep up the awesome work!

Alex D, 8 years ago


Alex Duffield - Owner
InControl Solutions
rachone, 8 years ago

YES please add my vote to add trigger emails or autoresponders.

angusdavis, 8 years ago

I have been looking at various email tools, and my search for "trigger mail vs. campaignmonitor" brought up this thread on google.  It's definitely an issue -- campaignmonitor appears to have better tools for "ordinary" marketing campaigns (e.g. the monthly newsletter), but little/no optimization for "transactional" emails (like password reset, new user registration, and lifecylce emails (e.g. signup +7 days).  For these types of emails, Sailthru's triggermail appears to be the better option, but it lacks CampaignMonitor's clean feel, great UI, etc.  I suppose if you really wanted to, you could use both, but it would seem rather complicated to do this, having to sync all the subscriber management data, etc.  Alternatively, you could send transactional emails directly from your app via postfix or similar, and use CM only for traditional campaigns, but then you have to roll your own analytics and other such jazz....

CallMeChaz, 8 years ago

I'm casting my vote for trigger-based email as well.

rob.gevers, 8 years ago

Dear CM people,

i think it's pretty clear , your users are screaming for trigger mails !
and that includes me.......

trigger mailing that's what we (your users) want :) please build it in !

and ehhh by that time, sending a campaign in multiple batches should also be solved then :)
(i made a seperate post about a while ago)

keep up the good work, but i think its clear that we need trigger / multiple batch send features...

cheers rob

genuinelabs, 8 years ago

I could not agree more. Triggered email is high on my list. Additionally, I would like the capability of welcome triggers to be forced if needed. If someone subscribes to a list, I want them to receive a customized trigger, even if they are already subscribed to the list before.

Thanks CM!

rocketonline rocketonline, 8 years ago

add my vote too please!

MDP-Admin, 8 years ago

Follow up auto-responders and triggered email is the only reason I consider using A***er over MB/CM. 
This implementation would however mean an overhaul of the pricing and delivery procedures.
Many thanks in advance for considering this.

ntaylor, 8 years ago

Yes, I've been wanting Campaign Monitor to offer triggered functionality for a long time and really hope you bump this up on the development list.  Birthday and Anniversary triggered emails are the #1 request I get from my clients and I'd love to be able to offer this to them.

BraceRosso, 8 years ago

Another vote on the list.  As someone that is trying to bridge the gap between newsletter emails and much much more sophisticated marketing automation software, I have found a real market here.  Small and medium sized businesses that have been reading up on nurturing campaigns, triggered emails, and prospect profiling want some options but they don't want to spent $30-50k on automation software like Eloqua.  There are already other products that allow for much better segmentation and automated email scheduling, but are admittedly charging much more than CM, (but much less per email if your clients are high volume) .  Please CM, we like your style of product development, we know that you'll provide something that works and can be sold... how high up the dev. list can we push this?

Dave Dave, 8 years ago

Thanks for the vote and feedback on more details. In terms of how high on the list it gets pushed, that's really up to you guys. We're always listening.

ntaylor, 8 years ago

Anyone interested in building out a third party API which interfaces with Campaign Monitor to handle event triggered emails?  Send me an email if you're interested: ntaylor360 (at) gmail (dot) com.  I hear Mail Chimp is rolling out event triggered emails by the end of this month.

ketanmv, 8 years ago

Put me down for a vote for triggers as well... I'm not sure that a third party API is possible given the 5 person minimum for email blasts via the API?

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