Anti spam policy

I've just been reading up on your Anti Spam policy so I can continue to guide my customers correctly.

Q1: I noticed the following text...

"If at any time your campaign is flagged as SPAM by an AOL recipient, Campaign Monitor reserves the right to cancel your account without notice."

That seems quite harsh!

What is the reason for this, with specific regard to AOL?
What if I am complying with your policy and an AOL subscriber of one of my clients reports as spam? Do you then consider closing my account even though it's not my fault?

Q2: You state your tolerance level is 0.25%, 25 per 10,000.
Is this measured across all my clients in a given month or is it measured per campaign?
For example a newsletter sent today to 154 recipients had one spam complaint (which is a pity because my client has requested permission personally and face-to-face from all subscribers). 
That single complaint = 0.65%.  Inevitably the % is going to be higher for smaller lists. Just 1 complaint could put you over the limit.
Can you comment on this please?

Ps. I'm not having a whinge at CM (despite being a Pom!).  I'm just wanting to improve my own knowledge.

Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

We have that condition in place so that we can take action immediately if we absolutely have to (for example, if AOL started suddenly blocking all our email because of one campaign).

However, in practice we have never had to enforce that, and we are always willing to discuss the steps our customers have taken to ensure permission, and reconsider any decision.

Regarding the tolerance level, there is a per campaign limit we are measuring, but it does take into account the list size and 1 complaint will never get anyone's account closed. The percentage applies but is flexible on the lower end to avoid these kinds of issues.

Basically, the vast majority of customers never have any issues with spam complaints, and of those that do, there is a good chunk who have made every effort to do the right thing, and we definitely take that into consideration.

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