Preference Center and Unsubscribe

So I really like the customizable Preference Center because it is a page where my subscribers can either update their info OR unsubscribe.
As mentioned somewhere on CM, when recipients click the unsubscribe link what they really might be thinking is is "oh I wish they would send me such and such" - hence the Preference Center.

I just imported a campign with a link to my clients branded Preference Center at the top of the email. I changed the unsubcribe link at the bottom to point to the Prefernce Center as well as it contains an Unsubscribe option there.

However, I recieved an error message from CM that it did not detect an unsubscribe link and I shoudl add one, which I did. I put it back in the bottom footer unsubscribe link.

My question is: If the Prefernce Center provides an unsubscribe link, why can't I link all unsubcribes there?

Dave Dave, 8 years ago

Hi Alissa,

Great stuff promoting the preference center, and good to hear you're finding it useful. Right now we require a link to both the preference center and the single-click unsubscribe link. We're big fans of always making it as easy as possible for any recipients to unsubscribe without having to think about it.

Of course, you can always design your email in a way that visually promotes the preference center more heavily than the simple unsubscribe option.

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