"Send to a Friend" link

Hi there - does anyone know how to add a "Send to a Friend" link to an email newsletter? I originally built the page using Adobe Contribute and had planned to link from there, but I was then told that you can set it up easily via Campaign Monitor.

How do I set this up? Also, will that then open as a new web browser window where the current subscriber can fill in the friends email address? AND, is it possible (legal) for us to then get an email with any referred email addresses to add to our database?


Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

All you need is the <forwardtoafriend></forwardtoafriend> tags in your email, as described here:

You will see a report of who forwarded the email, and how many times, but you won't have any access to the addresses they forwarded it to. That is because those people have not opted themselves in.

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