Unsubscribing requirements


Fairly new around here, and finding Campaign Monitors service really easy to use, and nothing short of brilliant.

I have one question, posed by a fellow work mate with regards to unsubscribing.

When a user clicks the unsubscribe like which takes them to our custom unsubscribe form and requires them to input their email address, does this email field need to be prepopulated with their email address? (in terms of legal or any other requirements - we are based in the UK.)

Any light on this matter, will be much appreciated.


Diana Diana, 9 years ago


I don't know if there are any legal requirements about pre-filling that unsubscribe box, though I'm sure it would be preferable. Just to note though, if you're using Campaign Monitor you are required to use our one click unsubscribe rather than any other unsubscribe system.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
derek73, 9 years ago

Here are the legal requirements regarding sending commercial email in the US.


In short,
1. Don't lie.
2. Don't lie.
3. Give them an opt-out method that results in them not getting any more emails within 2 weeks of their request.
4. If you're selling something, say so, and provide a postal address where they can write to you.

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