non-breaking space support by Notes

Does anyone know how to enforce a non-breaking space in Notes?

Reason we want to do this:

Notes---for god know what reason---is insisting on cropping off the last letter on the 6th line of a paragraph. The design test showed that no other programs have this issue. It's weird, we've even retyped the sentence within this paragraph by hand but it still happens.

Here's a screen shot:

We tried entering a non-breaking space between 'of' and 'Merit' but Notes won't use it.

Ugh! The Horror which is Notes!!!

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

Have you tested playing with the width of that column? Just to bring it a touch narrower?

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MondoVox, 8 years ago

That seems to have worked! And I don't see any new missing characters on other lines.

What I don't get is why. I have this awful need to understand why things work and I just don't get this one.

But, THANKS THANKS THANKS. You totally saved our butts.

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