Need some management tips and guidance on business issues.

Hi everyone, I am here to get some good tips on how to manage an efficient atmosphere in my company. I have a work force of around 150 employees and there seems to be something lacking. There is not a proper co-ordination among the jobs that go on and there is something missing. I want to have an atmosphere where each employee works to his capability with good support from others. I hope to get good management tips from you people so that I can make things good at my place.

paulstone paulstone, 8 years ago

Some suggestions, some easy, some not so easy:

Give people their birthday off as a free holiday
Finish one or two hours early on a Friday
Start up a suggestion scheme (and reward the best ideas, whether they are actioned or not)
Make sure that each employee has a meeting with their line manager/team once a week (and in that meeting make sure that everyone gets a chance to say what is going on, what their concerns are).

Hope you see some improvements in your company.


Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

Hey Bolt,

Great use of the general chat. How much interaction are people typically getting with the other teams? Does everybody know enough about the other teams to appreciate what they do?

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BThies BThies, 8 years ago

One of the most effective means of creating an atmosphere of excellence is by placing changes within the hands of the employees.  This can be done by using a feedback system to generate better results.

The best way to start is to use a company survey, and reward the employees for completing it (company lunch, etc.).  Make an event out of it.

One of the best companies I've seen that really puts the survey results together is Prowike.  Obviously there are many out there, but it's one that I recommend.

Anyways, by utilizing an anonymous company feedback system, you can discover what motivates, what is holding people back, etc. etc.

The gathered information based on your survey questions can help YOU make better decisions, and lets the people know that their opinions & concerns matter.  This generates a much more positive working experience, and motivates employees to embed themselves further into the company.

Remember, people want to feel wanted, and want to feel their job is important.  Using a feedback system, you can encourage employees to push themselves, and help the company achieve higher goals.


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