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I'd like to use CM for our german business newsletters. Up to now I haven't found a way to personalize it with the standard tags to get the usual german business form in the salutation. I hope, you know a way.

Here is, how the salutation needs to be formatted:

For male recipients:
Sehr geehrter Herr [Name],

For female recipients:
Sehr geehrte Frau [Name],

The difference is in the word 'geehrte/geehrter' - it ends with an 'r' for male recipients and without an 'r' with female recipients.

Is there a way to get this done without using a customized field for male recipients that looks like "r Herr"?

Thanks, wil

bluesnapper bluesnapper, 9 years ago

Hi Will

If I understand correctly...

Create two fields in your dbase: [salutation] and [name]

So for two example records you'd have:

[salutation]           [name]
geehrter Herr        Steve Jobs
geehrte Frau         Willamina Gates

Your email content would then be:

Sehr [salutation,fallback=] [name,fallback=],

I've not included a fallback value as the assumption is that all salutation and name fields are populated.

Hope that helps.


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Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

Andy is right, you'd need to use an extra custom field as he describes.

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dotpulse, 9 years ago

first: cm ist great!

but we have exactly the same problem. to use cp in german, french, italian or any other language, there are still some problems not solved:

the above mentioned process does not work for the subscriber form. we've created this simple form:

Anrede:<input type="radio" name="cm-fo-dywk" id="cm25697" value="25697" /> <label for="cm25697">Frau</label><input type="radio" name="cm-fo-dywk" id="cm25698" value="25698" /> <label for="cm25698">Herr</label>

Anrede = Title
Frau = Mrs
Herr = Mr.

if we want to use the "sehr geehrter herr" or "sehr geehrte frau" as salutation with this form, we would have to export the subscribers before sending an e-mail. then replace the "herr" with "sehr geehrter herr" and import the data again into a customized field. the problem is, that the value of a field can not be defined.


another problem is the "Forward to a Friend"-page which can not be translated.
it's not usable in any other language


jonathan, 8 years ago

I'd like to revive this thread and expand it regarding localisation.

The Herr/Frau question above can be resolved as described. We just made a new column in Excel containing the whole salutation.

From experience, I know any local language options are a big headache for all those groovy Campaign Monitor people (forward page etc.). What I as a user can offer, is to provide boilerplate translations for these kinds of things. I'm sure other users would help too. Maybe local resellers can jump onboard.

One last issue in this respect is using extended characters in both subscriber lists and e-mails. When a Völker Schönbörn subscribes, his ö's get scrambled. Similarly, when I type a headline with umlauts, I have to write the HTML code (like V&ouml;lker). This is fine, but I have to keep reminding my colleagues to do it. In the WYSIWIG editor, the characters are converted automatically.

Keep up the good work!


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