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I am fairly new to email marketing and so far we have only sent a couple of email newsletters.

I am trying to do things by the book but the biggest pain is converting everything to inline CSS, we are using Dreamweaver 8 to put the HTML together but we find that Dreamweaver puts all the CSS at the top of the document and we have to go through the document manually and convert everything to inline CSS which is a big pain.

Does anybody know how to force Dreamweaver to do everything inline or is another application better ?


morley, 10 years ago

I'm not familiar with other programs like GoLive or the new MS HTML editor, but they may have that option.

Don't take this as snark, but your best option may be to type in the style code freehand: in Dreamweaver, you'll get the code reminder to help you remember the properties, and it'll help you learn them faster so you can start editing in faster basic text editors.

It'll also let you control your styles more closely and will make you think more about when and how to apply styles.

Mathew Mathew, 10 years ago

Inline styles are a big pain, but morley is right that you'll probably get better results by doing manual coding, especially with inline styles. I don't know of automated ways of generating inline css - I've seen functionality to create a stylesheet out of inline styles somewhere though.

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-e-train, 10 years ago

as far as i understand it, dreamweaver only does the reverse. it sucks out your inline styles into a linked doc, but not the otherway around.


Mathew Mathew, 10 years ago

A very helpful Campaign Monitor customer has whipped up a web tool that can convert CSS from the head into inline styles. Checkout our blog post about premailer

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erinsabine, 8 years ago

There is a way to turn this off in dreamweaver.  Try options or preferences.  i can't remember excatly, but it can be done.

Also, I found this tool to be awesome!
Thank you, Mathew for saving me hours!!

torweb, 8 years ago

In Dreamweaver you can select the html document to contain the CSS info and also use "View Design/CODE" as an option to see the actual design as well as the source code to make small css changes...


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