Junk Mail

I have a client that refuses to send campaigns out via campaign monitor b/c she insists that they all go into her subscribers junk mail folders. 

"We have to send all e-mails from our computer because when they are sent from your system, it goes in everyone’s junk mail for some reason."

What can we do to test this, if anything, without bothering her subscribers?  How can we get her to trust in campaign monitor again? Is this a common problem?

Thanks in advance,

Mathew Mathew, 10 years ago

Hi Deanna,

This can be tricky, as different people have different filters, and then there are mail server level filters and ISP level filters sometimes. If you can get a couple of specific subscribers who will help you test, you can try sending a very basic email (maybe even just a short personal text message) through Campaign Monitor and see if that gets through.

If it does, you know the problem is likely something in the content - this is almost always the case.

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