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Hi All,

I have been using Campaign Monitor for a while now (work environment) and let me first congratulate you with the user interface ... it's great!

A little functionality that would make my live easier, and generate you more money (win-win), would be some automated follow-up e-mail messaging.  I often use Campaign Monitor together with Wufoo for event registrations.  Now, in this context I often need to send reminder e-mails at specific time intervals.  Since these are only sent to a sub-selection of contacts I end up doing this through a manual mail-merge.  Hmmm, not that efficient really.

The scenario above could also apply to promo offers limited in time etc.

Let's imagine I could set a certain link within a newsletter as being the "trigger" for adding a subscriber to the sub-set for the automated e-mail follow-up messages, this would then allow me to set it all up once and forget about it. 
IF subscriber CLICKS on "Registration-Link" => add to Subscriber-SubSet (Dbase)
Subscriber-SubSet will be sent one or many follow-up messages, defined within CampaignMonitor.  So basically this would generate automated mini-campaigns (also with unsubscribes, tracking, etc).

Obviously this would need some rules implementation, but it would push the marketing automation even further.  It would generate you more automated revenue (the $5 fixed cost might be a bit high if applied to every mini-campaign) and would allow users to manage their communications more easily.

Many thanks in advance,


PhilBrown, 7 years ago


This is a great idea and very well put across. It's something that I too would greatly appreciate being added to the Campaign Monitor feature set. I recently signed up for an account at HMV (UK) and received a series of welcome messages (useful introductions to various parts of my account etc) over a period of one week. This certainly increased the likelihood that I would  connect with the brand and begin parting with my cash.

As someone working to rebrand the CM service, this would be perfect for encouraging new clients to engage with the business and start sending emails. There is an interesting case study looking at the effectiveness of a welcome series of emails over at MarketingSherpa (#CS31506) - it's freely available until the 24th January, I think.

I suppose that the feature is not suitable for every end-client but there must be a significant number who would see tangible benefits from a welcome series or a scheduled email based upon subcription date etc. The benefits to us and to CM are clear.

I wonder if the CM team have reservations about potential abuse e.g. emails no longer being anticipated or relevant in some cases but that would never be the case for the example you've provided. I'm sure that there are several ways in which safeguards could be built in - at least one other service provider (non-rebrandable) already provides such a service and I've been tempted to use them instead of my own service for another of my projects. Feels kinda wrong.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 7 years ago

Hi Phil, welcome to the forums! Many thanks for your input here. Triggered email is certainly something we've looking at for a while now and your suggestions will certainly assist in pointing us in the right direction. Hopefully I'll be able to give you some positive news soon - stay tuned!

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