Gmail Feature Request - CSS in Head! Everybody Request it!

I am fed up with having to bloat my standards-based code with inline CSS. This morning I found a "Request a Feature" form in GMail's Help Center. Why not request that GMail support CSS declarations in the head of HTML Email?

Maybe if enough people request it, it will be so!

Here is what I wrote under "I have a better idea" (you can, of course, write something less pleading :) ) ---


I have to add significant extra hours to every email design project in order to take all my nicely separated styles in my nicely standards-compliant HTML prototype and then bloat my code by stuffing all those styles inline -- just so that my gmail subscribers can see the same thing the rest of the standards compliant world sees. Not only is this bandwidth wasting for the world and more expensive (in terms of hours spent) to me and my clients, it makes me think very poorly of Google as I go through this soul sucking, professionally demeaning exercise.

Please support css style declarations in the head of HTML emails. Why can't gmail support an email with style and content elegantly separated? Why is this standard of the web dismissed?


Dave Dave, 9 years ago

GREAT post abberdab, I certainly feel your pain on that one too! We'll certainly be addressing this issue in detail with our recommendations to Google as part of the upcoming email standards initiative we're putting together.

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