Background image is not working in outlook 2007

Hi All,

From past two days i am facing problem with outlook 2007 background image. i am having an email template which i have to display the background image.I am using the css style in the <div> tag.but its not working in 2007.The same code is working very fine with the 2003 out look.

The code will be like this :


<div style="background-image:url('card.jpg');background-repeat: repeat-y no-repeat;background-position: top center;width:613px;height:382px">
<tr><td> content </td></tr>

can any body tell me is there any wrong with the above div tag.
Please help me, Thanks in Advance.


DASGiB, 9 years ago

Outlook 2007 does not support background images (except for body).

shivananda, 9 years ago

but , if we see the blog
It is saying that background image can be applied for divs and tables also..........

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