What email systems do you test in?

I currently check mine in...

- Hotmail
- Yahoo
- Gmail
- Mail2Web
- AOL Webmail
- Outlook Webmail

- Outlook Express
- Outlook 2003
- Eudora
- Pegasus
- Thunderbird
- Outlook 2007

- Mail.com (*)

and as such the emails now have a practically consistent look across all of them, catering for cross-client issues such as spacing, padding, link colours, link underlines (since some html systems try to override these with their own style), font resizing etc

Outlook 2007 is the only one that gives some issues with tiled backgrounds etc, but we generally design around this so that it downgrades well.

Was just wondering if anyone has found any systems that give wildly different results when their email is viewed on them than on other systems?


(* just added Mail.com, and noticed my <hr> color is ignored since they have their own stylesheet for <hr> so it came out pink!.. therefore should be overridden inline. other than that my email appeared exactly the same as my other web mail clients. Is anyone maintaining a list of overrides needed for web mail clients? eg hotmail has link styles that you need to cater for if you want your own link colours etc)

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