URL in eblast not displaying correctly

We just sent an eblast for our client's new website and unfortunately something went awry with the website url in the eblast for IE 6 users.

The url is www.usfirstcu.com and campaign monitor adds the tracking so the actual display url is http://www.usfirstcu.com/?utm_medium=email&utm_source=Campaign+Monitor&utm_content=469449614&utm_campaign=New+Look&utm_term=www.usfirstcu.com

For some reason in IE 6 the website comes up completely garbled. Why does this happen when IE6 users click the campaign monitor link? Everything is fine when they use the straight url.

Please let me know if you have experienced this or have any insights.


Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

Most likely is that the Google Analytics tracking you have turned on for that campaign is not handled by the website. Can you test it by turning off the tracking, then sending a test campaign?

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absolute, 9 years ago

I'm having the same issue, but in Firefox 3 on a Mac, so it's not browser specific. I've it tracked down to the Google Analytics - turn them off in Campaign Monitor, and links work just fine. But when I turn them on, I either get a 404 or a "The URI you submitted has disallowed characters." in my browser window on a site using the PHP framework CodeIgniter. I'm noticing the temp URL created by Campaign Monitor is cmail5 (analytics) vs. cmail1 (no analytics). With analytics turned on, I tested another site built in php (no specific framework) that handles the funky URLs generated for Google Analytics just fine. My guess at this point is that the problem is with CodeIgniter, and I'm searching their forums now for the "disallowed characters" issue.

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