css in <head> tags

hi all,

I am new to the post but have been working on html emails for a little while now. I am curious as to the opinions of the group on whether css <style> tags in the <head> of the html template are a good thing.

I see a lot of templates (including this sites templates) that include them. I have been using purely inline styles for my templates, as my understanding is that various email clients remove the html template head tags and use their own, thuse rendering the <style> tags obsolete.

is this the case? is it an issue that some cleints do it and some don't?

advice and discussion would be great.


Dave Dave, 9 years ago

Hey e,

Until recently it's always been a good idea to include your <style> declaration in the <body> purely to get good results in Hotmail. Then Microsoft came out with Windows Live Hotmail, which actually works in reverse and only supports it in the document <head>. This meant to get the best results you'd need to include it in both, which is just crazy.

Luckily, the old Hotmail interface is getting phased out, meaning having the declaration in the <head> should be a good baseline moving forward.

Check out our latest CSS guide for which clients do and don't support it, and make sure you run a few tests yourself to make sure you're happy wioth the results.

-e-train, 9 years ago

thanks for the response dave,

i looked over the tests you have done.

since g-mail doesn't support head <style> tags, is it safe to say that in-line styles are still the way to go?


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