Spacer image in gMail

I used one of the Campaign Monitor templates as a starting point for my eBlast. It looks super everywhere *except* when viewing in gMail using Firefox (both Mac and Win). Everyplace where I had a spacer gif (_spacer.gif) to give a width to a table cell, the alt tag (spacer image) is displayed - argh!

All other images used in the eBlast displayed correctly

Here's the code I'm using:
<td width="20"><img src="_space.gif" width="20" height="1" border="0" alt="spacer image"></td>

I used the 'import my campaign from web location'

NOTE: I'm certain the _space.gif image was in the correct directory when I imported my campaign.

Searching through the forum posts, I haven't seen anyone else report this issue. Has anyone else see this happen?

Thanks in advance for advice.


Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

Were all your other images showing ok?

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jLynn jLynn, 8 years ago

Good morning Mathew!
Yes - all other images displayed perfectly. It was just the blasted spacer elements that showed oddly.

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