Your experiences with MailBuild (now it's merging with CM)


Now that MailBuild and CM functionality is merging, would anybody care to share their experiences of any issues they've experienced with their clients using MailBuild?

Specifically, I'm concerned about maintaining good client relationships: up until now, we control the CM campaigns on behalf of our clients including reviewing their lists to check they are acceptable wrt permissions - all well so far!

If we let client's manage their own email campaigns we loose control and they could (just might...) use a questionable list and get an avalanche of spam complaints. Do they get banned by CM? How have you handled this?

The proportion of revenue we'd get from an existing a client sending their own emails would likely be much smaller than revenue we get from other services we provide to them so I'd like to assess the risk if possible!



mitchell_pgh, 9 years ago


I originally thought the same thing, but have found that it's optional [aka, you don't need give them such access]. I wouldn't let most of my clients near the email system!


If you've used our client report access feature, you're familiar with the idea of sharing parts of your account with your clients. We've now taken that to a whole new level with the ability to let your clients manage their own subscribers, create and send their own emails and even run design and spam tests before they send.

Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

Mitchell is right, it is totally optional, and you can even let your clients have the power to send campaigns but not import lists. So you can maintain control.

I should point out that we have thousands of people using MailBuild right now with their clients, and generally they have been able to handle the permissions issues ok. You just need to make sure your clients are very clear about permission before they get started.

As the account owner, you are responsible for what is sent from your account, whether it is you or your client who actually pushes the button, so it's great that you are thinking about these issues.

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