Faking Dynamic Content w/ API

I realize that CM does not support dynamic external variables, but I have a client that wants to send a "Deal of the Day" email very frequently (every day, naturally).

This client does provide an "email ready" HTML version of their Deal of the Day, and importing that into CM works very well (I especially appreciate the automatic-inline css option - kudos).

Since the HTML only gets imported when I first create the campaign, would it be possible for me to setup an automated PHP script that used the CM API to create-and-send a new campaign (using the URL of the Deal of the Day page) every day?  Is there any limit to how many campaigns I can have?  Is it going to make it impossible to stay organized on the "Create/Send Campaign" tab?

Ideally I would be able to edit and resend the campaign via the API.  I don't think this is supported in the current incarnation of the API, but maybe when you relaunch on Nov 29 ? :D

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

Edit and resend via the API is not something we are currently planning, sorry to disappoint! You could use the API to create and send the campaign using the URL though, there is no hard limit on the number of campaigns you have in your account.

(You could also remove older ones if you don't need them).

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