The all new Campaign Monitor.

Well, I had some questions regarding the all new Campaign Monitor.

I guess the features included into the user inferface are really nice. But one thing i am wondering about is more in regards to what was done to the API.

Hopefully, the really major missing items are added in. Just to name a few things like
+ Cannot create a new list.
+ Can only import new subscribers one at a time.
+ Can not create a new segment or edit / manipulate existing segments.
+ Cannot send a demo / email preview of less than 6 subscribers.
+ Cannot create a new client.
+ Unable to Key off a Field other then email address

Right now if i were to go through and use the common method right now of creating a new list (using a existing list, empty it and then readd everyone) on our main list that is used for bi-weekly newsletters. It takes 30 minutes for it remove every one and then 3 hours to add everyone back in.

Hopefully some if not all of these issues are addressed with this version.

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