Maintaining the subscriber/groups list in our database, not CM

Hey guys,

Just received your newsletter today announcing the new changes to CM. Loving it!

I'm currently a Jango user, and would like to jump ship to you guys, but I'm concerned that your API isn't up to the task. I've read a few posts describing problems maintaining subscriber lists (having to unscribe a list then resubscribe) and having load problems. My main client has about 20,000 contacts that we need to contact a few times a month.

Anyway, the main difference I've noticed between Jango and your API is that CM seems to maintains the contact list in your DB. We'd like to maintain our contacts in our database, as well as our contact groups, and have those sent to you when we send a campaign.

We send to various 'groups' (dynamic queries - e.g. state-based, occupation-based, income-based, etc)  - how would we go about sending to these dynamic groups using your API?


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