Find/Edit Client Access URL

hi all,

i'm trying to:

1) find where i can view the url's for the client access reports i've setup. and

2) understand why i can no longer access the reporting tool for a couple of clients - including myself.

has something changed?

when i try to login to:


or [which i need to verify if this is correct and can't find it anywhere]

i get:

Please enter your username and password below to login.

Your username and password was not found in our system. Please try again or contact to verify your details.

also, this came to my attention because the one client who can login, accidentally put www. in front of their url, so it was:

instead of

which returned a WWW Reporting System login. my client didn't realize that it wasn't the login page she was familiar with until after attempting to login. she got the same error message as above and was afraid she'd just given her password away to some capturing site.

is this still your servers? i can't imagine it wouldn't be, but very confusing since it wouldn't allow her to login (but did when she went to the second URL).

any advice would be most helpful!

Stig Stig, 9 years ago

Hi Vanessa!

1) Click "Manage Clients", "Report Access Settings" (in the menu line right below "Manage Clients")

2) Yeah, these seem inactive. If they used to work, I'd try emailing support and asking.

And it seems that the part of the url before the first dot is the one that's used, so if your client puts www. in front of it, the server shows the login form for It's still on CMs servers, though.


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Diana Diana, 9 years ago

Hi Vanessa,

The client access URL is account specific, not client specific. So if you only have 1 account you'd only have 1 url and you might be logging into the incorrect one.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
nessnzoe, 9 years ago

thanks, stig. i'll let them know they're still on CM servers.

but, dpotter....i don't get this. there's always been different urls for each client to access the reports:

and unfortunately, now that i've changed the password for the sisters this morning because of the login issue they had, they can't get in either.

i guess i should email support.
thanks guys,

nessnzoe, 9 years ago

hey guys,

my error on the sisters. sorry. wrong password. we can get in there.

and i futzed with the url for best and cavallaro and

brings up the right looking page, but the un/pw combo under edit client doesn't work.

could this have anything to do with them (and myself) being set up so long ago that i never authenticated their servers?

thanks again,

nessnzoe, 9 years ago

sorry the correct url for the sisters is:

Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

If you only have one account, then Diana is right - there has never been separate login URLs for clients in the same account. If you go into your account, check out the client report access details and you will see where all your clients should be logging in.

Also, this movie may help:

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nessnzoe, 9 years ago

aaaaah, so i've had this wrong for about three years!

ok. i get it now - like a standard client login. one login, many landing pages based on un/pw. so everytime i changed that access page for a unique url i was overwriting previous url i had in place. duh. boy oh boy! do i feel like an idiot!! :-)))

thanks to you all and sorry for any time-wasting.


Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

That's it Vanessa. The idea is that you are offering your product to your clients, so they all come to your branded site to login.

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