Early feature requests for the new Campaign Monitor

Although it's not here yet, here's a couple of wishes for the new Campaign Monitor:

Granular permissions for each client
I have clients whp I would only like to be able to send template emails (like MailBuild), not custom HTML. For those technically challenged clients, it would be great if they could skip that step altogether.

Pick a color, any color
You had it right with the Client Report Access settings in Campaign Monitor, please don't replace that with the locked color schemes of MailBuild. (Alternatively, replace the http://createsend.com/images/icons/color_wheel.gif icon with http://i218.photobucket.com/albums/cc288/juststig/color_swatch.png...)

Enough said :)


SniperSystems SniperSystems, 9 years ago

Two features i would love to see are:

Client mangage their own templates
I can see this may have issues, but i have a few clients that are savy enough to manage this themselves. Possibly have it so that we can force a header and footer on the email so we can ensure all the unsubscribe links are there etc.

Client Sub Accounts
Something that would be useful would to be able to have client sub accounts. An example of this would be to have one user account which you can use to create campaigns and send them, and a seperate account that can only view reports which the mangement type people could use.

xtfer, 9 years ago

The new CM is SUPER, but there's always something required... =)

I'd like to see the ability to restrict the date range on the Subscriber graph. The key reason is that when you start a list it has 0 members, and if you bulk add at the beginning (we imported from a different system, for example), you jump up to a high value quite quickly (in our case about 10k for one list). This puts the scale of the graph pretty high, and we are unable to detect small variations in subscriber numbers - it just looks like a flat line.

Dave Dave, 9 years ago

Thanks for the feedback and suggestions guys. keep it coming, we're definitely listening.

xtfer :

it just looks like a flat line.

I see where you're coming from here. If you hover your mouse over the chart though, we'll show you exactly how many new subscribers had in that time period. Of course, at a glance this isn't clear, which is what you're getting at.

therealjustinlong therealjustinlong, 9 years ago

I would love to see it where I could buy 500,000+ emails and the ration them out to clients.

I would also like to see when I select a client (or they log in) their company logo in the header area. Even if it was a hook or an extension that could be added.

Would also love to see iPhone/iToouch email testing

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