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Generally our board send (hard copy) christmas cards to their friends asking them to donate to our charity.  This year (ugh) they want to send "cards" out from their home or office computer.  Can we give them each a cd with a template designed for the holiday and they can email the "cards" privately and at their own pace?

If we use one of the free templates on this site will we avoid the problems with a variety of different servers  having difficutly with our text and pix?

thanks, s

BThies BThies, 9 years ago

Hi Sarshack,

Hopefully I understand what you're asking for.

Check out the MailBuild feature - it allows you to provide individual log-in's, upload templates for them to use, and you can design the templates to allow them to modify text,graphics, etc..  To keep it even more simple, you could just upload a template with everything filled out, and they just send to any list they upload.

They log in & send at their own pace.

If you're worried about your custom templates displaying in various email clients, I'm available to re-design your template into a format that displays 100% correct in EVERY client.

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