Getting people to click on a link to go into a draw

Hi There

I want to keep people reading my emails,  and I was thinking if I could get people to click on a link to go into a draw,  they would keep reading rather than the dreaded unsubscribe button .

Is there a way to do that out of the box with CM?

Kind regards

Joncar Joncar, 8 years ago

Hey there Marty,

Remember the golden rule: "The user holds the mouse, and there is nothing you can do about it."

I prefer to let my newsletter content do the talking.  If my content is worthwhile, I expect to get fewer unsubscribes.  I also make my unsubscribe link prominent.  Crazy?  Not really, I believe that this shows newsletter recipients that I respect their choice to do whatever they like.

Just my 2c worth. 
Good luck.

vince, 8 years ago

Not currently possible with CM
It would need a survey feature.
A workaround could be to use the campaign reports, and create a segment from all users that clicked-through to a certain page.

djwhisky, 8 years ago

You could do it if your web server has PHP/ASP etc...

append [email]to the querystring of your link i.e.[email]Then pick up the "e" parameter and whack it in a database. Then you've got a local copy of everyone who's clicked the link...

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