Problem with breaks between images

Hi everyone,

Hoping someone might be able to help. We have put together an email that is really heavily image based, which is quite unusual for us, and now we are having a problem with breaks between some of the images. We have removed an errant code that could be causing the issue, along with zeroing out all cellpadding and cellspacing, as well as changing the set up between the rows and columns etc, but still no luck. It all looks fine in the Dreamweaver design window, but as soon as I preview it in an IE window the breaks appear.

If anyone has any tips to fix this it would be greatly appreciated!


the_fido the_fido, 9 years ago

try whit this in the code images

the clue is the align , whit middle works

<img border="0" src="**" width="**" height="*" align="middle">

sorry for my english

Liberty, 9 years ago

Thanks for responding so quickly. I passed the HTML to our regular email company and they've managed to fix it. I just have to figure out how now!

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