CM Upgrade on Cyber Monday?!?!

I got the announcement a week ago or whenever it was sent, was too busy to pay it mind as I was gearing up our online holiday campaign.  I scheduled an email to go out last Thursday, then another to go out very early Monday morning (~ 1am MST, USA).  I log in to check up that it's queued properly, to find that the system is down until Monday morning 7am MST, due to the CM upgrade.

Is it me or is it not a great idea to do a downtime-intensive upgrade during the launch of the online holiday season - especially during one of the most challenging holiday seasons we've seen in many, many years?

And why on earth was it not indicated to me at any point during my scheduling this early-morn Monday campaign email that it would not be sent until the CM upgrade was completed?  I could have done something about it then, but now I'm hostage to the upgrade and not feeling exactly in control of our business destiny...

Just wanting to note that this is a particularly uncool moment for an otherwise very cool brand (CM).

Tim - Stuffington Bear Factory

Dave Dave, 8 years ago


Our apologies for not making the issue clearer when you scheduled the campaign. I agree that's something we could have handled better. We're on the home stretch for the upgrade right now, and the campaign you scheduled will be sent the moment we come back online. You'll get an email confirmation as soon as it's delivered.

I also agree that the timing could be better, but there are also some great updates in there for lots of customers that we didn't want to site on until next year.

We're working hard at this end to get you guys back into your accounts soon rather than later.

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