Windows Live Mail - Blocking because of "Spoofing"

Thanks for the forums - This rules! 

Well, it appears our mailers are being blocked entirely by Windows Live Mail due to "Spoofing". How can we avoid this? Let me explain...

When attempting to view the e-mail, I get the following message "This message has been blocked for your safety. This message may be dangerous.  Learn more" and links to this page referring to Spoofing.

Clearly this is because the email is really coming from MailBuild (or CampaignMonitor) as opposed to the sender address we're providing. How can we work around this?



Dave Dave, 10 years ago


This one actually has nothing to with Campaign Monitor, but is more than likely caused by the content in your email. We've written about this one on the blog before, but here's the gist...

The problem

Remember, Campaign Monitor changes every link in your HTML campaigns so we can track link clicks for you. This means that even when you have a link like:

<a href=""></a>

We'll change that to:

<a href=""></a>

This change will mean that your email may get flagged as a phishing scam.

The solution

To ensure you never look like a phisher, avoid using a URL as the display text for a link in any HTML emails. Instead, try and use a word or phrase which describes the link itself. Such as:

<a href="">Visit our web site</a>

Even though we'll change that to:

<a href="">Visit our web site</a>

You won't ever be identified as a potential phishing scammer.

We're also launching a new feature in the next few weeks that will allow you to guarantee your email is from you (even though you're using Campaign Monitor) for all the major ISP's.

stickstone, 10 years ago

Thanks for the quick reply and for clarifying Dave. I'll have to check the content of my client's mailer. BTW - The feature you mentioned sounds great!

td td, 10 years ago

Also, I would avoid having a URL in the NAME attribute for the HREF tag as well.  I've had experience with Yahoo blocking those as well as AOL.

Same reason, since the links get changed, then it will end up that the NAME attribute is different than the actual URL of the link.

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