Customer Login Information - Remove Password change form from CM?


I set up my first campaign, a demo to show my clients the features of CM.

When they log into the demo site, I see that there is the ability to change the password under "My Account." Since this is an open demo account, and I don't want to get locked out of my own demo, is there a way to take the "change password" portion down, or at least deactivate it?

Thanks in advance,

Dave Dave, 9 years ago

Hey Chris, while your client can change their username and password, you can always access it from the admin login, so there's never any risk of being locked out of your account. Of course, if this is a popular request we can always consider adding an option to turn this functionality off for certain clients.

nalts, 9 years ago


Thanks for the reply. I forgot about the all seeing "admin" account. Hopefully there won't be any problems moving forward.


hoknikcreative, 9 years ago

I have a similar but different problem - none of our clients seem able to login using their old usernames and passwords. I changed one client UN and PW and tried that to see if it would correct the problem but had the same issue. We can log in as admin but client accounts are locked out. Any suggestions on that?

Dave Dave, 9 years ago

@hoknikcreative, we're not hearing from any customers experiencing this issue. Fire the details through and we'll investigate.

nickdunkman, 8 years ago

Hi Dave,

We do not want our clients changing their password.  A way to disable that would be awesome (either per client or just for all our clients, we'll be turning it off for all of them).


julia, 7 years ago

I'm trying to setup my first demo account and was wondering also - what if my client forgets their own password, is there a way to recover it from the admin login?

Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

You can't recover their existing password, but you can reset the password for them under their 'client settings' tab (edit access and billing).

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julia, 7 years ago

Thank you Mathew, I see it now.

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